Filthy Friends caters to a diverse array of needs, extending its services to couples as well. Beyond merely attracting individuals seeking casual encounters, our platform welcomes couples seeking various experiences, including bisexual partners, unicorns, and those interested in wife swapping. It's not just about fulfilling the desires of eager individuals; it's about creating a space where couples can explore their fantasies together.

Registering as a couple on Filthy Friends is simple, click below and select the 'couple' option during registration.

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But why do couples choose to join a personals service like ours? Well, many are in open relationships or embrace the excitement of swinging, threesomes, and group sex. Filthy Friends facilitates the process of connecting with other like-minded couples and individuals interested in group encounters, ensuring discretion and efficiency every step of the way.

Discretion is paramount for our members, and for understandable reasons. That's why we prioritize privacy and security, providing a safe haven for exploration and fulfilment. Let's delve deeper into the diverse options available for couples who decide to embark on their journey with Filthy Friends.

Couples seeking couples

Couples seeking other couples or swinging as it is often referred to is a common interest amongst our members. Different couples have different rules when it comes to ‘playing’. Some are interested in group sex where members of both couples enjoy sexual encounters together in the same room. Others choose to partner swap, where a couple will switch partners and enjoy intimate encounters together, either in the same room or separately. The key to swinging or partner swapping is to establish your ground rules in advance so everyone is on the same page when things get a bit heated.

Couples seeking unicorns

In polyamorous relationships, a "unicorn" typically refers to a person who is willing to join an existing couple as a third partner, often for sexual purposes. The term "unicorn" is used because finding such a person who is compatible with both members of the couple and interested in forming a relationship with them can be rare and elusive, much like finding a mythical unicorn. Unicorns are often sought after by couples who are exploring polyamory or open relationships and are looking to expand their relationship dynamics.

While unicorns may be rare, our easy to use search facility, detailed member profiles and discreet communication tools will open a new and exciting world where magic does happen!

Couples seeking thirds

Much like the mythical unicorn, couples seeking thirds is simply an open-minded couple seeking an additional partner for bedroom fun. Unlike the term ‘unicorn’ a third can be either male or female, sometimes bisexual and sometimes straight. Fortunately our member recommendations and search facility makes finding the right partner for your situation easy. In the realm of thirds, there are a few terms which are helpful to understand to avoid confusion of disappointment.


These are all acronyms for male (M) and female (F) when describing a threesome encounter.


The male, male, female and female, female, male usage in this example generally applies to bisexual encounters where there is either two males and a female or two females and a male, all interacting with each other.


In this example, the gender in the middle is the object of most of the attention and the same sex couple do not engage in sexual activity between themselves. So, in the case of MFM, the two males will engage in sexual activity with the female but not each other.

Understanding these abbreviations will help you find the right experience to suit you and your partner.

Finally we have couples who invite another man into their bedroom to have sex with the woman while her partner watches but doesn’t participate. This is often referred to a hot wife or cuckold encounter. A hot wife is simply a woman who enjoys being fucked while her husband watches while a cuckold is the male who allows his wife to have sex with other men. The term cuckold is often used when the woman is the more dominant partner in their relationship.