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If you are in the mood for some excitement but never have time or the interest in maintaining a long-term relationship, hookup websites and apps may be the solution to your sexual fulfilment. Filthy Friends specialise in helping people connect for no-strings encounters, casual hookups and online sex chat in a safe, secure and non-judgemental environment.

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With Filthy Friends you can express your needs and desires safe in the knowledge that you are in good company, full of busy people who need a quick way to satisfy their urges and open-minded adults seeking new, exciting experiences. You can be pretty direct when approaching members, knowing that everyone is looking for similar experiences and not looking for your life-story, romance and roses. A word of caution though. Direct does not mean rude or pushy. All our members expect and should be treated with courtesy. Manner’s cost nothing and you are far more likely to get laid if you play nice!

You may have tried hooking up with members of some of the well-known dating apps in the past and been disappointed by the responses you receive (or lack thereof). You may have ended up in a lengthy exchange of messages with someone who was never going to jump into bed with you. The major difference with our site is that nearly all our members are either actively looking for a physical relationship without any emotional attachment or happy for things to start in such a way.

What do we mean by hook up?

If the term ‘hookup’ is new to you (millennials, you can skip this part). Its pretty simple. Some of you might be more familiar with terms such as ‘making out’ or ‘one night stand’. The truth is the term hooking up means different things to different people. It can be used as a general term to describe any intimacy between two people (kissing, cuddling to foreplay and sex). Where we tend to define the hooking up part is, it is generally used in a casual manner. For example, if you hook up with a girl at a party or in the case of Filth Friends, you hook up with a stranger for sex.

Is hooking up the same as fuck buddies or friends with benefits?

In a word, yes. You can hookup with someone on a regular basis without being in an emotional or exclusive relationship which is the definition of a friend with benefits (FWB) or fuck buddy. Casual hookups tend to be more one off encounters than regular meetups but who knows where your next liaison will take you.

Finding yourself a friends with benefits situation can be awkward. Its something often not discussed prior to hooking up and can lead to feelings of being used or misled if your intentions are not clear from the beginning. Filthy Friends goes a long way to eliminating the confusion and uncomfortable conversations, because most people know the deal when they register, therefore its not such a surprise if the person you are connecting with announces they are only interested in casual sex or discreet meetups. We do advise that you are very clear about your marital or relationship status when you communicate with other members.

Benefits of casual sex

Aside from the time-saving reasons mentioned above. There are numerous benefits to sex either with a regular partner or casually with different partners.

  • Mental health – Sex improves self-esteem and helps reduce depression and anxiety
  • Health – Regular sex helps your immune system and heart health
  • Improved sleep - The hormone prolactin is released when you orgasm, which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness (source)

What kind of people join hookup sites?

You would be pretty surprised at the varied members here at Filthy Friends. From single professionals who need a quick connection in a new city, older members who find it difficult to meet new partners or want to experience sex with a younger man or woman, and married members who are either in a sexless relationship or enjoy introducing other sexual partners into their playtime. There is no ‘standard’ member but what most have in common is a need for more sex than they are currently getting or an interest in exploring different sexual activities with different partners.

How to find hookups

Connect with sexy women in your area by searching by age, location, body type and much more. When you see someone who get your pulse racing, use out built in, secure messaging system to hit them up and see where it takes you. The beauty of a community such as ours is, such bold advances that would generally be frowned upon are commonplace and most members appreciate the direct approach. No one has time for small talk on here. A word to the wise however. We expect all members to be polite and courteous. If a member is not interested, move on. There are plenty of singles looking for different experiences at different times. Abuse or unwanted harassment will not be tolerated and will get you blocked by the user and possibly removed from the site by our support team.

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